UV Stabilizers


Rutile TiO2SUNSHOW offers a wide range of UV Stabilizers, Anti-Oxidants and Nucleating agents.
Some of the most sought after grades are as below:

UV Stabilizers: SUNOVIN 770/944/622/901/531 etc
Antioxidants: SUNOX 168 /1076/225/215 /555 /1098/1024 etc
Nucleating Agents: Sunna DM/ Sunna GM

SUNSHOW is an established brand offering products for use in Plastics, Automotive, Industrial and Exterior coating. SUNSHOW is ASIA’s largest manufacturer of 770 grade of UV Stabilizer. The world’s fastest growing UV Stabilizers manufacturing company is now catering to the critical requirement of the Automotive industry as well.
SUNSHOW is the leading polymer additives manufacturer and supplier, committed to provide its customers with innovative products and excellent services that exceed their expectations. It offers a complete range of UV Stabilizers, UV Absorbers and Antioxidants. SUNSHOW products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad, proven by the fact that over 50% of its total produce is being exported worldwide.
SUNSHOW has an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of additives. It recorded a sales volume of 5,000 tons in 2014, with a total turnover of around 48 million USD. Till now, SUNSHOW has passed the attestation of ISO 9001:2008(UKAS) and its products have passed the REACH/ROHS (SGS) requirements. We can assure our SUNSHOW customers with quality standards of ASE-J1860 and VW-PV 3900E
SUNSHOW also offers customized services like technical solutions, zero inventory, dust-free material, environment protection certification and safety packaging design. For better technical support , SUNSHOW APPLICATION CENTER undertakes testing of customer samples for assisting them to optimize their formulations , study competitive material and carry on developmental work. SUNSHOW welcome one and all to visit their R & D center at Yantai in Shandong Province north of China.

SUNSHOW is an excellent supplier catering to the raw material demands of the plastics, coatings, fibers, adhesives and rubbers industries all over the world.