Zinc Stearate & Metal Stearate


Rutile TiO2

Mittal Dhatu Rashayan Udyog  is one of the oldest and largest producers of Metallic Oxides and Stearates in India.

Established in 1978,   the company has continuously adopted the latest process technologies to strengthen its position in the market as leader in Metallic Stearates.

The company has diverse state of the art production  lines for different products and  the company  uses  several different types of manufacturing processes  to   produce  the  Metallic  Stearates  as  per  the required specifications.

Strictest quality standards are maintained at the company’s production facilities. The company has also got ISO 9000 certification from URS – UKAS, UK.

Extensive R&D investments have helped the company become a prominent name in the field of Metallic Stearates and offers products suitable for the Polymer, Fillers and Master batches, Paints and Coating and Rubber applications.

Their major products are metallic Stearates (Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate), Metallic Oxides and PVC Stabilizers & lubricants.  These products are classified   in   three core brands by the company: LUBIMAX, STABIMAX and RASHAYAN.